Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day in the office

I've known that today would be the last day in the Novi office for quite a few weeks now. I'm still not certain that it feels real yet.

I do know that lunch was very tasty, and driving home a little earlier than normal was a great feeling.

The job search officially begins next week Tuesday (I've decided to just go ahead and take Monday off). I'll be recording my job search process here.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are you "googleable"?

Yes, that's now a word. I looked it up, and found quite a few references;
Urban dictionary definition
A blog dedicated to it! - no recent updates though :-(
I'll let you see the rest at your leisure, there were 97,800 results.

What does it mean for my job search?

I want everything found on google when someone searches for "Rick VanGameren" to be something I'm happy for a potential employer or business partner to find. I have the good fortune, for this goal, to have a unique name. If it wasn't, I'd have to come up with a way to "uniquify" my name. Maybe something like; "Fred (I deliver overnight) Smith". Probably still need some more thought on that one.

Step one; what do you get when you google your name?

Use that as a starting point. Then decide what results you want to represent you, and - if you can, go back and brand them with the name you want people to use to find you.

Comment here if you have any questions.