Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thinking about Evidence

I just finished reading "Is God Past His Sell-by Date?" by John Blanchard. There were a lot of perspectives I had never considered before. It made me want to quickly read "Meet the real Jesus", another one of Blanchard's books.

In the past, I had resisted reading books supporting rational proof for believing in God as I sought to rely on a child-like faith. I think I may have been afraid that the scientific evidence would contradict a faith in God. But instead - the more I read about evidence for my faith, the more my faith is supported.

How could I have thought differently? I think it's just that, as an engineer - the bulk of the science I have been exposed to has been devoid of any mention of God. Come to think of it, the bulk of the theology I have been exposed to has been devoid of science. In the words of Jim Collins in "Good to Great"; it's time to "confront the brutal reality". I need to apply that thinking in all areas.

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