Thursday, October 4, 2007

Virtual collaboration

I read this article a while back. It talked about overcoming some of the limitations of telecommuting.

I know that the bulk of my day is spent interacting physically within the confines of my cubicle. Less and less of that happens over the phone, and more and more of it via instant messaging, remote access to other computers and email.

I get up to get coffee. I get up to do what happens after drinking coffee.

Most days, my physical commute to work isn't really that bad. But, now that I'm over it, let's talk about yesterday. I had a meeting starting 30 minutes after my scheduled start time, and I had construction and traffic issues. I really don't know my way around Detroit except for the two or three routes I normally take. Neither of those routes were looking very appealling, so I took a fourth, uncharted route. Turned out to be one of my many poor decisions regarding directions. I ended up being late for the meeting, and thinking more about the benefits of bringing a virtual me to the office rather than the physical me.

I'm ready for telecommuting. I'm just waiting for my management team to catch up. :-)

I've got more to say on this topic. Much more, actually.

Stay tuned.

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