Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Enlightened Leadership was published in 1991. In it they quote Jack Welch; "we need a fundamental revolution in our approach ... to work itself". The book goes on a few pages later to state; "we will have to undergo a total demolition of American style of management".


Did I miss the revolution? Did we really not need it?

I'd say we're way overdue.

Let me re-emphasize the quotes; fundamental revolution, total demolition.

fundamental: the very nature of something
revolution: drastic and far-reaching change
total: entire, everything
demolition: destruction

So, didn't Welch say we need to make far-reaching changes to how we view the very nature of work? Didn't the book go on to say we need to completely destroy (leaving no remnants) the way we manage?

I wonder if they could have stated it any clearer, or more sternly.

If we really did completely destroy how we view work, and how we manage people - what should the new result look like?

What's the model for North American competitive advantage look like?

I certainly don't have that answer, but - the beginning of the correct answers is the correct questions.

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